Here’s previous attendees had to say about their Swap experience:

• “LOVED Swapapalooza! This year was my first, and I will definitely be back! Thanks for all the GREAT fashion finds!”

• “I walked away with a dress, jeans, dress pants, a winter jacket, a couple t-shirts, a scarf and some shoes. I totally scored!!!! This event is so totally organized, you girls are over the top!”

• “I’ve known about it for a couple years but this is the first one I participated in. I was always too scared because I thought it would be a giant cat fight. But it was the opposite! A total love-fest. I had women cheering me on and encouraging me to try new things. I came home with 6 completely different and wonderful pieces, and both my sister and husband were wowed. Thank you for a life altering experience—I haven’t felt so great about myself in years! I literally have a new spring in my step today and will never miss another Swapapalooza again!!!!”

• “I got so many great items this year, boots, earring, jeans, dresses. Very glad I made it a priority in my crazy week.”

• “In a word, FABULOUS. I have 20 new items of clothing for a grand to total of $30. And I have space in my closet to put them! As usual, it was brilliant.”

• “I haven’t had that much fun with a bunch of girlfriends in a long time. I got to giggle and come home with new clothes – who can ask for anymore. Icing on the cake is supporting great causes at the same time. Swapapalooza team is incredible – don’t know how these mamas do it but it keeps getting better!!!”

• “This was my first time and I loved it! I got some great things that I would have never bought on my own. I am already thinking of what I want to swap next year!”

• “Super well-organized and fun. I loved the stylist and the group opinions as I spruced up my wardrobe. Tried on stuff I never thought I would – and loved it!!”

• “This event is amazing- for a small price you get to clean out your closet and walk away with new clothes. I felt like a new woman! For a student on a budget, this is something I look forward to all year long!”

• “Fabulous event! Well organized, efficient drop-off and check-out. Right amount of people (a total party, but not so full you can’t move!). Whole event – from drop-off to check-out – felt like a good party with great women. And I got so many cool new treasures!!!”

• “Stuff was WAY better than I thought it would be so I wished I had brought cuter stuff….next year!”

• “Thanks for a great event. Everything ran so smoothly, it was easy and fun to participate. I cleared out some things I was waiting to find a good home for and I came home with a purse and some boots that I love.”

• “I loved it when Stylist Babbs handed me a super cute shirt, saying it looked like ‘me’! It was, and I already wore it out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Perfect!”

• “It was the most fun I’ve had “shopping” in a very long time!”

• “Great event! My first time, and I feel like I got some great stuff and had a great excuse to weed thru and clean out my closets! drop-off was surprisingly easy (thank you!) and day-of was great fun!”