Comb your closet and gather stylish items that haven’t seen daylight for way too long.
Swapapalooza is not about trading in your grubby t-shirts and mom-jeans. Dig deep and find items that are rarely worn, ill-fitting, or just not your thing anymore.

Bring GREAT stuff—get GREAT stuff. Simple.

Item Condition:
Think clean, wrinkle & stain free. No holes, pilling, pet hair, broken zippers or missing buttons please. This whole thing would be a flop if we accepted damaged items!

Hang ALL Clothes:
All clothing should be delivered on hangers (Hanger hooks look like question marks as front of clothes face you). 

Bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.) need to be hung on a hanger with clips like they would be in a store.  Please do not have them folded in half over the hanger. Swappers can’t see them quickly this way.  Find free hangers at Old Navy!

Friendly Fashion Filter:
Consider bringing more than 10 items in case something doesn’t make it through the “friendly fashion filter.” The filter isn’t intended to make anyone feel bad. We’d just like to ensure that everyone has awesome stuff to choose from during Swapapalooza.

Please prepare to have a thing or two get bounced back for the sake of the greater good. It’s nothing personal. (We’ve all been to Buffalo Exchange right?). This year we’ve added a single SUPER fashion filter to ensure better consistency in the items we accept/reject.

You are welcome to drop items that don’t pass the “friendly fashion filter” in our clothing bins destined for two charities: Mary’s Place, S.M.A.R.T. and Dress for Success.