Swap Day

Saturday, March 25th, 2017
9:00-9:25 AM = Check in and line up by boarding pass number
9:25-9:30 AM = “Business Class” boarding pass early entry
9:30-12:00 PM = General admission

Re-hang & Keep it Clean
Clothing will be sorted by type and size (i.e. “Pants, size 9-10”). During the swap, we ask that you please act like ladies, be kind to your fellow swappers, and re-hang your stuff so it doesn’t end up looking like your kid’s room.

The event is female-only in a gym with no windows. There is a semi-private, group area with mirrors for try on as well as a myriad of additional mirrors throughout the venue. Wear leggings and a sports bra if you’re on the modest side.

Extra Trade Points
“Pay” for new finds at check-out with the trade points you collected at Friday Drop-off. More new items than points? Extra points may be purchased (cash or check only):

  • 1 trade point for $5
  • 5 trade points for $20

There is very limited parking in the area. Arc Ballet and Taj Yoga have classes that morning. Please carpool and/or leave the close in spaces for those taking classes.