While no one really knows the EXACT story of how Swapapalooza came to be, the legend goes something like this...

One morning a couple of us were in our kids' preschool classroom lamenting about how sad our wardrobes had become. One said to the other, "Couldn't we organize some kind of clothing swap since we all have great clothes but we're just not wearing them?" This caught the ear of another mama, and then another, and before we knew it the idea had wings.

Despite being sleep deprived and distracted by toddlers, jobs and everything else, we were determined and energized by our burgeoning idea. (Some might say obsessed.) After months of careful planning, Swapapalooza was born and we've been fine-tuning it with love ever since.

What we didn't expect, was that Swapapalooza would become more than just an opportunity to cut the dead wood out of closets and be a ridiculously cheap way to transform a wardrobe. There's an energy in the air on Swap Day, and it's been known to pump life into stagnant souls and weary wardrobes. That energy has become addictive and we look forward to each one.

So let's continue to share the clothes, the boost and love. Trade it. Love it. Wear it. Let's Swapapalooza!

Heike, Ingrid, Jeanne + Marisa