We've got all your questions covered.



What types of items DO YOU ACCEPT?

  • Clothing (dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, tops, blouses, sweaters, cool t-shirts, etc.)
  • Outerwear (coats, jackets, hats, scarves)
  • Active wear (in REALLY good condition…no stinky stuff please)
  • Footwear (new or very gently used)
  • Purses/Handbags (the type your friends would envy)
  • Jewelry (if you wore it prom, it won’t fly here)
  • Belts (not the ones that came free with those pants)


How nice does my stuff need to be?

Fashionable, consignment store-worthy items. Great-looking stuff that you haven’t worn in ages (or ever). Items you bought but just don't suit you or fit well now. We want the GOOD stuff in your closet. The items you hesitate to give up even though you don’t wear it! (You know, the things would feel like a sacrifice if you gave it to Goodwill.) Swapapalooza is about taking the risk to give up your good stuff that's just not working in hopes of getting something equally great that you'll love!


What kind of shape should it be in?

Nothing with damage will be accepted. Clean, stain free, no holes, and relatively wrinkle-free. No pilling, pet hair, broken zippers, missing buttons, yellow armpits…you get the gist. Shoes need to have decent tread, not be smelly and look great. Workout gear should be especially clean and in good shape. Handbags and accessories must be functional and presentable. In other words, all items need to be trade-worthy.


Can I bring maternity items?

No maternity items at Swapapalooza please, but we will happily take them as donations to be given to the women's organizations we support. 


Is there a limit on how much you’ll accept?

No. Bring as much as you want! Bringing the most earns you Business Class Boarding (a.k.a. early entry)! We DO have a minimum, though. You'll need to submit AT LEAST TEN items on Friday night.  


What if I can't make it to the Drop off event?

Our event is two days, and the drop off portion is always Friday, 4:00-7:45 PM. If you can’t make that time for some reason, find a friend who can turn your clothes in for you. (You'll get your Trade Points in the AM at check in.) Or contact us if you're really in a bind.


What do I get for my SWAPABLES? What are "Trade Points"

You earn one "Trade Point" for every two items we accept. Trade Points are the currency you use to purchase items at Swapapalooza. One Trade Point buys one item no matter what it is. So a point buys a designer bag, a pair of earrings, jeans, a puffer jacket, a scarf, whatever. 

If you want to take home more items than you have Trade Points, you can purchase more at check-out. $5 per point or five points for $20. PRO TIP: You earn free Trade Points for volunteering!


What’s this “Business Class” boarding thing?

Business Class boarding allows ten pass holders to get in five minutes earlier than everyone else on Swap Day. We award these special passes to the top seven ladies who had the most items accepted by the friendly fashion filter. You can also WIN one of these coveted passes by purchasing a raffle ticket. $5 per ticket or five tickets for $20. We announce the winners on Saturday morning at 9:30 AM.


Why is there a registration fee?

We wish it could be free, but Swapapalooza costs money to pull off. We pay to use the location for two days, rack rentals, U-haul trucks, website fees, ticket services, branded materials, etc. We also donate $5 of your registration directly to Mary's Place. 


Will there be clothing in my size?

Without a crystal ball we don't know if we'll have your EXACT size, but we've been doing this long enough to know we generally have apparel items in sizes XS to XXL. Swap participants are a diverse collection of body types so we have a nice variety of sizes represented each year. It just depends entirely upon who's attending. The good news is we also offer handbags, jewelry, accessories shoes and more! We have yet to send a swapper home empty handed, so for the most part, size doesn't always matter! PRO TIP: Invite your friends who wear similar sizes as you and who's clothes you covet!


Will there be dressing rooms?

Not really. We used to have a formal dressing room, but it takes up precious floor space and we realized the nature of this beast doesn't require one. Our female-only event happens in a gymnasium with no windows, so it takes about two minutes for ladies to start dropping "trow" in the middle of everything and all modesty is gone. We DO have plenty of mirrors around the gym to see how you look in your ‘new-to-you’ outfits, however. If you're shy, we suggest wearing a tank or sports bra and some leggings as an under layer so you can try on whatever, wherever, without showing your skivvies. 


I don’t have 10 items to swap. can I come anyway?

We suggest asking a neighbor or friend not coming to the swap to donate clothes, purses, jewelry or shoes you can swap. We have this minimum so there is plenty to choose from on Swap Day. The more good things we get, the more good things YOU get! 


Can I bring my kids Or Male companion to Swap Day?

Gee gads, NO! Swapapalooza is a time for YOU (and your sister swappers) to enjoy. No kids allowed on Saturday please. And while you're at it, leave those darling men at home too. We do not have private dressing rooms, therefore we cannot have men present at Swap Day for obvious reasons.


What if I want more items than I have Trade Points for?

You can purchase extra points at check-out. $5 buys you one point. $20 buys you five points.
Trade points are non-transferable. Please do not share them with your pals since it makes it hard for us to keep donations up and costs down. 


What if I don’t find anything I like?

It’s possible, but unlikely. Everyone has bad shopping days but we have yet to send a swapper away entirely empty handed. That said, if you really can't find a single thing you want, the silver lining is created extra room in your closet and did something wonderful for someone else. You either made a fellow swapper feel amazing in an item you weren't wearing anyway, or you helped a woman in need through the organizations we support.


Can I pick up my stuff afterwards if it’s still there?

If you can find it after the event, you can have it. The only catch is you have to volunteer for clean-up to have access to whatever is left over. Swapapalooza ends at noon. After we clear everyone out, volunteers get 30 minutes to select a few more items for free after the event closes. Please note we will start bagging the remaining items for donation to our charities at 12:30 PM.


How can I help?

Swapapalooza is 100% run by volunteers. We literally couldn't do it without you.
As incentive, volunteers enjoy varying levels of perks (free Trade Points, early drop off, etc.) depending upon the job. The great news is all the jobs are fun and an opportunity to do something wonderful for our community and the environment! Contact us to volunteer or learn more on our DO GOOD page.


What do I do if I Still have questions?

We can't imagine you would after all this great info, but we're happy to answer anything you sling. Just email us at info@swapaplooza.com