Gather Your Swapables

Have you worn it in the past year?
Does it make you feel fabulous? Does it bring you joy?

If you've said "No" to any of those, purge that thing!
Dig deep to make room for some new-to-you items that hit the mark.
Here are a few guidelines as you weed those wardrobes and get ready for Swapapalooza!


ACCEPTED Swapables

- Clothing
- Outerwear
- Footwear
- Active wear
- Purses / Bags
- Jewelry
- Accessories (hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc.)

Item Condition

Great to excellent condition is what we're looking for. Think FASHIONABLE, clean, and still got lots of life left in it. No holes, pilling, pet hair, broken zippers or missing buttons. We want your best stuff.

PRO TIP: Toss things in the dryer for a few minutes to freshen them up and reduce wrinkles!

Things we do not accept

We DO NOT accept intimate items such as bras, underwear, tights, bathing suits, etc. for our swap event (even if they are new with tags). But we ARE happy to accept them as donations (bagged separately from your beautifully hung swapables). Check out the organizations Swapapalooza supports under the DO GOOD tab for more information .

Prepare Your Stuff for Drop Off


Hanging Guidelines

Hang items so the bend of the hook mimics a question mark when you’re looking at the front of the garment.

Pants, skirts, etc. must be hung on CLIP HANGERS. Do NOT fold them in half over a regular hanger or use pins to mimic a clip hanger. [Cue the Mommy Dearest hanger scene visuals here.]

Wondering why we're such sticklers about how things are hung? We sort hundreds (maybe thousands?) of items by type and size so it's organized when the doors open on Saturday. If making OUR lives easier isn't incentive enough, we promise YOU will want to get that stuff off the hanger and on your body in a hurry on Swap Day. So be good little swappers and hang it according to the guidelines. Capiche?

PRO TIP: Get free hangers from retailers like Old Navy, Fred Meyer, etc. 



We will have rack bags available for your shoes, purses and accessories when you arrive at the check-in event. These items DO NOT need to be hung on hangers.

Footwear should be in fashion, in good to excellent condition and not stinky. Please also remove any inserts or custom padding.

Handbags and bags need to be clean, fashionable, and in great working condition. 

Accessories include QUALITY belts, sunglasses, scarves, hats and gloves. 

Jewelry should be cool enough to wear now and not be a be a tangled mess. Our filtering volunteers get cranky untangling your baubles, and that often translates to fewer accepted items (aka Trade Points) for you. So ditch those Ziplocs ladies!

PRO TIP: Empty egg containers will keep your jewelry items separate and tidy! 



While you're liberating your closet, consider purging your bathroom too! "Swap Goop" is ANY beauty or health product you don't want for any reason. All we ask is that it's mostly full and not contaminated or expired. This includes free samples, travel size items, cosmetics, hair care items, feminine products, nail polish, etc.

Bring your goop to our drop-off event on Friday night and add it to the categorized bins. Anyone can peruse and/or take Swap Goop...FOR FREE! No Trade Points are earned or required! This is just a groovy way to find new homes for the stuff that's still good but just not right for you. Whatever's left at the end of the night goes to the women's organizations we support.