Event Registration


Tickets go on sale oCTOBER 15, 2019

Tons of amazing stuff. Tons of fun. All for just $30!
If you're first to purchase ON-line, you're first IN-line for entry. So don't wait!
Swapapalooza is for adult women only.

In a word, FABULOUS! I have 20 new items of clothing for a grand to total of $30. And the best part is I have space in my closet to put them! As usual, it was brilliant. Can’t wait until next year!
— Vicki E.
Super fun event! Well organized and efficient with just the right amount of people. A total fashion festival, but not so packed you can’t move! The whole thing felt like a great party with great gals. Thank you for everything!
— Alma G.
Wow! It’s been a whole week since Swapaplooza and I’m still feeling the high! I guess I had been in a serious clothing rut, but now I’ve got new spring in my step! I’m so excited about my new threads which has me interested in looking (and FEELING) good again. Thank you swap ladies! What a gift!
— Michelle Y.