Swap Day
Saturday, November 16, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

LOCATION: 9250 14th Avenue NW, Seattle


Swap EVENT | Saturday, November 16| 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

9:00-9:25 AM = Check-in and line up by boarding pass number
9:25-9:30 AM = Welcome and announcements
9:30-9:35 AM = “Business Class” boarding (early entry)
9:35 AM-12:00 PM = General admission



Parking is very limited in the area. Arc Ballet and Taj Yoga have classes on Saturday mornings so we all have to share the same street parking. Please try to carpool or get dropped off. If you must drive, be sure to leave the loading zone clear in front of the main entry and respect resident's driveways. We need everyone to be on their best behavior so we can continue to rent this perfect venue for Swapapalooza. 


Check-in opens at 9:00 AM and there is no advantage to arriving early. (Hey eager beavers, this message is for you!) During Check-in, we will give you your Trade Points and line you up according to the order you registered for the event. Sometimes we have a bit of coffee to sip while you wait. In addition to that, we also suggest bringing a water bottle and/or a small snack for later. It's not uncommon to get parched/hungry whilst swapping. 


Don't judge it on the hanger. Try it ON! While we do not have formal dressing rooms, we DO have a ton of mirrors around the space. Swapapalooza is a female-only event in a gym with no windows, so most gals set up camp in front of a mirror and go for it. If you're on the modest side, consider wearing leggings and a sports bra while you try things on. Either way, may we recommend LABELING your personal clothing or leaving extra layers at home. A large bag or basket helps too. We can't tell you how many times people's personal things have gotten lost in the excitement.



Clothing will be sorted by type and size (e.g. “Pants, size 9-10”) so we ask that you do your part by re-hanging any "go-back" items you don't want. We do our best to get cast-offs back on the racks in the right places as fast as possible, but our handful of volunteers can't do it alone. So pretty please, be kind and re-hang your stuff. It takes a village ladies!


Not sure if the cut or color is right on you? Chances are you'll get a lot of love from your mirror mates, but we'll also have a stylist roaming around to give you a professional opinion. She'll be happy to give you some quick tips and suggestions, and we'll introduce her just before the gates open so you'll know who to look for. 


"Purchase" your fabulous new finds at our check-out with the Trade Points you earned at the Friday Drop-off event. One Trade Point "buys" one item no matter what it is. Want more new items than you have points? Extra points may be purchased (cash or check only):

  • 1 Trade Point for $5

  • 5 Trade Points for $20

Volunteer Perks

We could not pull off this massive event without help from fabulous volunteers, so we offer perks for giving us your time. We've got lots of different jobs to choose from and it's a ton of fun so we hope you'll join us. Contact us if you'd like to earn extra Trade Points and be a part of something amazing!

Trade it. Love it. Wear it. Let's Swapapalooza!